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The Complete and Uncut Jonas Brothers Discography

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The Jonas Brothers Background History And How They Became A Successful Band
Who are The Jones Brothers? The Jonas Brothers are a well-known American pop band from New Jersey. The trio infuses pop, rock and singer-songwriting styles into a boy band dynamic that has made them immensely popular in America. The group began their success as members of the Disney Channel programming network. However, in 2005, The Jonas Brothers launched their own recording music career. In less than five years, The Jonas Brothers quickly became one of the most talked Read more…

The Top Three Jonas Brothers Music Videos

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The Jonas Brothers were a big hit back in their day, and this is certainly not a surprising fact; they were the teen heartthrobs of their own respective era. Preteen females would run after them in droves, funding their concerts and their other musical activities. The Jonas Brothers were so popular that they were able to make several high-quality music videos that still entertain people today with their artistic flare. However, there are three Jonas Brothers music videos that certainly stand out Read more…

Jonas Brothers To Record Next Album Without A Label

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The Jonas Brothers announced they are parting ways with Hollywood Records and recording their next album without a label. The sibling trio sold more than 17 million albums worldwide during their time with the Disney-owned record company. Besides leaving the label, they also bought back the rights to their merchandise and master recordings for an unspecified sum.

Nick, Kevin and Joe said they are looking forward to the next chapter in their music career. All three brothers agreed on the decision to leave Hollywood Records so they could move on with Read more…

What Are the Jonas Brothers Up to?

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Anyone who is anyone has heard about the Jonas Brothers. Maybe you saw them on Disney or caught one of their concert events through http://www.satellitetv-hq.com or maybe, just maybe, you saw the South Park episode featuring them. The point is, there used to be a time where you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing them. Then, one day, they just sort of vanished.

So what happened to the Jonas Brothers and what are they up to these days?

It might surprise you to know that they are, all three, very much alive and leading rather productive lives post-pop stardom.

Kevin is married to his wife Danielle where he spends most of his time being a responsible husband and pursuing a career in acting. Joe recently reached critical fame when he toured with Brittany Spears as her opening act and is now pursuing a solo career. And, Nick, of course is still enjoying a solo run as a recording artist while dabbling here and there in the realm of theatre acting

As you can see, the brothers are still very much around and while they may not tour as the brothers three anymore, they will always be the pop sensation known as the Jonas Brothers.

The Top Ten Jonas Brothers Songs You Love

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Ask any true Jonas Brothers fan what their top ten favorite songs are, and you’re likely to get several different answers. Each fan feels a special connection to certain songs. Every song brings back a memory of hanging out with friends, a crush, an awkward time in life, or the best summer ever. The fans have grown up with the brothers. Jonas Brothers were the melody and harmonies for a carefree childhood, those wondrous teenage years, and now the reality of becoming an adult in the Read more…

A Very Short Biography of Joe Jonas

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Joe Jonas is best known for making up one-third of the band The Jonas Brothers. Joe was born to parents Denise and Paul on August 15th 1989 in Casa Grande, Arizona. He is the second of four brothers. Joe originally had aspirations of being a comedian, but has always loved music so when the opportunity to join a band with his brothers he couldn’t resist. His older brother, Kevin, and younger brother, Nick, because his band mates. The boys released their first album in 2006, but didn’t get their first big break while appearing on Disney’s hit show Hannah Montana. It Read more…

Kevin Jonas – Everything You Wanted to Know About this Jonas Brother

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Kevin Jonas is the oldest brother and member of the Jonas Brothers band. He and his brother Joe began in the music business by singing backup for their little brother, Nick Jonas. When a record producer heard the three boys singing together, he signed all three of them to a record deal. In addition to being a singer, Kevin Jonas has also done some acting. He and his brothers guest-starred on an episode of the popular Disney show, Hannah Montanna. The episode they were in was named as the most watched show ever to air on Read more…

A Jonas Brothers Profile of Nick Jonas

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In the early 2000s Disney managed to take over the pop music scene with a handful of tween stars. This includes Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

The 20-year-old star is best known for his role in the Jonas Brothers, but got his start on Broadway. He was discovered at a hair salon at the age of seven while waiting for his mother to get her hair done. Shortly after he was appearing in productions including “Beauty and the Beast” and “Les Miserables.” In 2004 he wrote his first hit “Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer)” and recorded it with Read more…

A Brief History of The Jonas Brothers

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The Jonas Brothers are a boy band from the United States that formed in 2005. Made up of three young brothers from the shore side of New Jersey, the guys’ names are Joe, Nick and Kevin. These three boys can attribute most of their popularity to the Disney Channel, Bakersfield Direct TV, as all three boys starred in the Disney original movies, “Camp Rock” and “Camp Rock 2.” The Jonas Brothers are popular with many children and are approved by their parents because of their wholesome image. Devoted Christians, the Jonas Brothers were homeschooled by their mother and wear purity rings as a sign of their abstinence until marriage. Since many parents see the Jonas Brothers as better role models for their children than many musicians, these boys have gained popularity among a wide set of families, and the Jonas Brothers even started the “Change for the Children Foundation” as a charitable organization to help to motivate and inspire children who go through difficult issues and challenging times. The Jonas Brothers have released four albums since 2005. Their first album is known as “It’s About Time,” and it was released in August 2006 and their next album, which was self-titled, was released in August 2007. August 2008 brought their “A Little Bit Longer” album and their last album to date, “Lines, Vines and Trying Times” was released in June 2009.